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Nicki Minaj shining a light on the differences on acceptable sexuality from white women and black women.

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Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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UNDERAGE SEX & CONSENT | hayleyghoover

"It’s really easy to not have sex with 16 year olds, I do it every day."

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jerry accidentally walked into someone elses interview so he backtracked and pulled out his phone and just scrolled through it in the middle of the red carpet

does art imitate life? or does life imitate art?


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“If you really believe that representation doesn’t matter, then why the fuck are you threatened by it? If not seeing yourself depicted in stories has no negative psychological impact - if the breakdown of who we see on screen has no bearing on wider social issues - then what would it matter if nine stories out of ten were suddenly all about queer brown women? No big, right? It wouldn’t change anything important; just a few superficial details. Because YOU can identify with ANYONE.

So I guess the problem is that you just don’t want to. Because deep down, you think it’ll make stories worse. And why is that? Oh, yeah: because it means they wouldn’t all be about YOU.”

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BUTCH is an environmental portraiture project and exploration of the butch aesthetic, identity and presentation of female masculinity as it stands in 2013-14. It is a celebration of those who dwell outside of the stringent social binary that separates the sexes and a glimpse into the private and often unseen spaces of people who exude their authentic sense of self.

BUTCH is a celebration of those who choose to exist and identify outside of this binary that has never allowed any accepted crossover. BUTCH is an homage to the bull-daggers, dykes, manly women and female husbands before me. BUTCH is acceptance to the baby butches, young studs, gender queers, and dykes that continue to bloom in the face of societal norms.

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Read about this week’s cover, “Fifty-ninth Street Bridge,” by Eric Drooker:
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Read about this week’s cover, “Fifty-ninth Street Bridge,” by Eric Drooker:

Cause you never think that the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t.
Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

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Leonardo Taiwo (D1 Models) shot by Jacob Lewis
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Leonardo Taiwo (D1 Models) shot by Jacob Lewis

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